Another name, another woman

It’s all the same in this commotion.

A nation relying on empty rhetoric

Of glorious pasts and meaningless theatric.

Where women as signifiers’ are honored

While autonomous humans are disemboweled.

Nirbhaya, Jisha.

Women mutilated.

The barbarism uncovered makes one shudder.

But they remain just that, a number.

The inhumanity in their eyes.

Towards Dalits, women and workers alike.

Gender equality?

Caste violence?

Questions swept under the carpet.

To accommodate a state running after the market.

Is there a public/private dichotomy?

No way, there is no hegemony.

When fathers rape and husbands violate.

A woman is just an image, an image so chaste.

Teach the lesbians and gays a lesson.

They haven’t had a good fuck session.

Corrective rape and shaming.

Rampant yet nobody is complaining.

Second class citizens, all of us.

Only relied on when the elections are near.

Otherwise stuck in second gear.







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