Do you know the story of Moses being saved by a woman in the river?

No, I didn’t either.

Because women saving men is as much of a taboo as Moses being Egyptian.

Blame Freud for this revelation.

Also blame him for the lack that women carry.

The incomplete humans because of penis envy.

The fallacy of it all!

Don’t talk about the yin and the yang.

The two halves that together can.

One has to supersede the “other.”

To let the power structures flutter.

Do you know the story of Eve’s transgression?

Of course, Sir! No opposition.

That women could save themselves from the original sin.

By bringing life into this bin.

If we are to be our own saviors, what are these superstructures?

Of roles that essentialize and fracture?

To a point where we have started battling against ourselves.

Apologizing for being feminine and fearless.

Forgetting the original story of both partaking in the sin together.

Now one gets blamed,

while the other goes unscathed.

Generalizations that mar the relationship.

Imbalances that fester in the kinship.

Words that exclude.

Love that exudes,








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